A 2-year-old toddler in the arms of her father at the train station, on the train, waiting for him is a life-threatening injury. From feesttrein, it was an empty bottle of beer thrown out. A right to the head of the unfortunate girl.

The tragic incident happened in let’s go Kamen in the German state of north Rhine-Westphalia, germany.

According to police, the father had his little daughter in his arms. He was waiting on the platform, on the train, when all of a sudden, from the passing feesttrein from Cologne to Norderney, an empty beer bottle to the outside of it was thrown out. The toddler was given a bottle right in the head and was in critical condition, discarded.

The train was even later, in the train station in Greven in the Münsterland region, was stopped by the federal police, and is sealed, so that no one in or out.

“This is a serious incident and we have in all the years that we have feesttreinen put, fortunately, have never experienced it. Our thoughts are with the parents and the girl herself, of course. It is hoped to make it all work,” says Bernd Niemeyervan: Müller-Touristik.

On the train are no bottles are allowed. But it really is also verified that, in attesting to the vehicle’s occupants.

now, as A customer, which do not want to give up but he has made a statement to the police, said: “Ash is in a group of eleven people left. They had a box of Krombacher in. This is totally unusual. The train is the only beer on tap, poured and drunk.“

The police have a long time no one picked up, but for the perpetrator, or perpetrators will definitely find them.

The a toddler, fought Friday night for her life in hospital. According to the doctors, went to the girl’s with a heavy schedeltrauma on it.