the SPD party Executive, the Fifth column Thilo Sarrazin’s? Or how to understand it, is that now that the excitement about his latest book has subsided, the party leadership is trying once again, your media is the most effective member to exclude. Perhaps, one hopes, except in Germany, a mandatory report of a Commission on a law of statistics: Once the exclusion attempt is failed, then there was a comparison – and now? Also a successful exclusion will have no cleansing power – Yes, maybe the polls just two-digit SPD loses even more members.

Because, beyond the question of whether Sarrazin has failed for its in fact part of difficult tolerable, resentment, fuelling Comments on the fragile basis of the Statute of the party, is precisely the emergence of the double impression that Sarrazin and are intended to be equal: In Germany it is not allowed to say the truth. And: Ironically, the social Democrats do not want to tackle the issue of Migration. Correctly is: you don’t know anyway how.

were Actually there, the refugee crisis, particularly the social Democrats the opportunity to make a name for themselves. Who, if not the good old SPD, is predestined for responses to mass migration and the consequences for education, labour market, intergenerational justice for a new social question? Instead, you duck, and exercises in the Hyper-moralizing.