There are no 14 more days until Christmas and Christmas eve. Many people in Germany are still on the search for the perfect gift. The inner cities are filled, the Parking lot is search for the real adventure. In order to avoid the shopping stress in the crowded inner cities, order your gifts easily and conveniently via the Internet. However, caution is required. Especially in the case of Offers of foreign Online stores should exactly be depended see. High shipping and customs fees can spoil the Give away at the end.

So that everything works smoothly and there are no nasty Surprises, you should consider a few points when ordering online. “Because not every alleged bargains on the Internet is in the end cheaper too”, says the head of the main customs office in Munich, Gerhard rode Auer.

it is Important to note, among other things, how the dealer shipped his goods. Because an online retailer sent out its Goods from the EU countries in the European Union, in addition to the usual shipping costs may also import duties, customs duties and excise taxes. Thus, shipments from a third country, the following provisions:

the value of the goods up to 22 Euro : there is no customs and no import sales tax apply for the post. The consumption taxes, such as, for example, for alcohol or tobacco.

value of goods is above 22 euros to 150 euros : The import sales tax (19 percent or 7 percent), and, where appropriate, excise duties are applicable.

value of about 150 Euro : in addition to the import sales tax of the goods dependent on the customs and, where appropriate, excise taxes.