With a Cocktail of shock, Regret, and the future of scepticism and admiration for the British to take stock of the performance of the team Sky after the pay-TV broadcaster has announced to Sky that he was going to finish end of next year, one of the most successful partnerships in British sport history. The decision puts the team in front of an uncertain future, some doubts as to their Survival. The sky had caved in on David Brailsford, the coach and Manager of team Sky, wrote the Daily Mail.

Gina Thomas

feuilleton correspondent, based in London.

F. A. Z.

Sky denies that the step had been influenced by the Doping allegations that have damaged the reputation of the brand all the more since they had spoken under Brailsford so opted for a clean Cycling. But you can not avoid that the review is colored on the amazing benefits of the former flagship team through the continuing doubts as to its cleanliness.

Those who have concerns about the negative publicity in connection with the use of call-enhancing substances as the reasons for the withdrawal, point to the possibility of entanglement in fresh scandals in the for February the scheduled hearing by Richard Freeman, the former doctor of Team Sky and the Cycling Federation, British Cycling, the British medical Association. Freeman has already got the due to the inconsistencies of the enigmatic drugs package into the twilight, which was delivered to the cyclist Bradley Wiggins in 2011.

The sports doctor has severe depression as a reason for not appearing before the parliamentary Committee, which investigated the case in 2017, and came to the damning judgement that, the Team Sky have crossed the “ethical line” in the use of medical exemptions. Freeman should be in February of the chamber of Physicians to answer to the allegations that he had ordered a 2011 testosterone patch.

Long Partnership

According to General evaluation is likely to have led to the in October, having completed its Takeover of Sky by the American cable network provider Comcast to the managing Director Jeremy Darroch, to check the commercial partnerships of the company. Since the start of 2009, has Sky the investment in the team 150 million pounds of costs. With the departure of James Murdoch, the former Chairman of Sky, has resigned after the Takeover of the radio station of his Executive position, has lost the team with the level of influence followers. However, it is highlighted that the sponsorship agreements have a shelf life and the partnership of Sky measured at other companies unusually long.