Olympic skier Andri Ragettli from Switzerland and know the internet will be amazed by the impressive obstacle course flawlessly to make. Andri mail, however, is more often a similar character, in each and every time, something a little more challenging than the previous one. But this is jumping erbovenuit. “It took me 232 attempts,” the skier’s toe.

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After 53 attempts: the man explains the obstacle course flawlessly, af

the Walker is amazed with the stunts, 53 meters in height
More about the Winter Olympic games Of 2018 in South Korea, considering the Olympic Games, along with North Korea and to organize a Kim-Jong-un-thanks to the IOC’s president, for contribution to the “thaw” of the Korean conflict, Sister Sana, finishing sixth in the giant slalom Paralympic Winter games, Belgium will send two paralympic skiers in Pyeongchang