Locked, full Parking – Auffahrts-trippers storm goals in the English schweizzu the beginning of the long weekend, there were streets in several recreation areas in the congested streets. At the Gotthard, the sheet did not avalanche yet.aru/sda32 Kommentare32Kein traffic jam at the Gotthard, and jam in the Region of lake Lucerne.Video: BRK News

At the beginning of the extended Driveway to the weekend of the jam has remained at the Gotthard out. It was in a number of recreational and mountain areas clogged the German part of Switzerland, and blocked roads. Also at the border crossings patience was asked for.

The summer temperatures in many places from about 25 degrees attracted to the Auffahrtstag many people in the country and in the mountains. Already in the night of Thursday, a lot was going on, especially in the cities. For example, the Lucerne police had to clear the various parks, because dozens of people rules the distance is not complied with and the noise made.

The Auffahrtstag yourself a variety of Parking at trip destinations in the Canton of Lucerne already in the morning occupied. In Lucerne’s old town and the Quays many people were on the road, but only to the protective measures. The restoration of the wall operated the police Party.

On video portals such as views.ch were to see pictures of the walkers crowded the myths in the Canton of Schwyz. Also the Hiking trail to lake oeschinen in the Bernese Oberland resembled at times an ant road.

the Blocked roads, full Parking

In the Canton of Glarus, made the police the access to the lake klöntal-tight, because at noon, all the Parking is in the trip region were occupied. From Urnerboden between Uri and Glarus excessively a lot of sports traffic was reported. Was locked just as the Canton road Näfels-Obersee.

Clogged roads and a sheet of avalanche were on the Brünig. There is a traffic jam was formed on the directions in the Canton of Obwalden between Sarnen and Lungern around lunch time. On the A8 between Spiez and Interlaken, the traffic increased in the afternoon on several sections.

Also on the right of the lake Thun road, from Hilterfingen in the direction of Thun, the traffic towards the evening faltered. Traffic jams, there was the evening at the lake between Tüscherz and Biel, and at the Jaunpass in the direction of Bulle.

last Sunday Was already full of: A car Park at the starting point for the Seealpsee in the Alpstein-mountains.Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller/Keystone

In the Canton of Schwyz, the Canton road between Siebnen and Innerthal and between Vorderthal and Innerthal due to traffic congestion in both directions be temporarily disabled. In front of the MOSI tunnel in the fountain in the morning a backwater formed on Thursday on the A4 motorway, which rose up briefly in front of Goldau, as the Canton police announced.

Several Parking spaces at destinations, such as the Seebodenalp, the Sattelegg or to the Wägitalersee were occupied around noon, already complete. In individual cases, the police Parking fines had to distribute.

Run on the Alpstein

Also, the Appenzell region was overrun by day-trippers. Because in the alpstein area, all Parking spaces were occupied, reported Viasuisse Traffic congestion between Weissbad and Wasserauen, respectively, between Weissbad and Brülisau.

the same fate befell the trippers on the Furka: at the loading station in Realp, the waiting time was on a Thursday afternoon for two hours. On the Lötschberg tunnel at Goppenstein VS it was in the evening after 17 o’clock 30 minutes.

Also in many of the border crossings was at times asked for patience. In Bardonnex GE, Rheinfelden, AG, Chiasso-Brogeda TI, Basel Because Basel-St. Louis, Tägermoos TG, Gondo, VS, Widnau, SG, Boncourt, JU, and Thayngen SH traffic conditions in both directions were reported.

summer day, with over 29 degrees in Sion

On the driveway Thursday weather prevailed practically in the whole of Switzerland, beautiful summer, with maximum temperatures of 25 to 29 degrees. The highest temperature reported, according to the Online graphic from the weather service Meteoswiss to 17 watch Sion VS 29.2 degrees and Visp VS 28.5 degrees. In Yverdon VD, the mercury rose to 26.8 degrees, in Grenchen, SO to 26.6 degrees, in Binningen, near Basel, to 26.3 degrees.

in Addition, on 11. May a further easing of the measures against the Coronavirus pandemic in force. So allowed to open for well over a week, among other things, gastro-sized businesses. Since then, service Viasuisse excursions experienced according to the transport within Switzerland is a recovery.

Badis re-open

Since the 11. May can swimming pools be open. However, only Swimming is allowed. In Aarberg BE a maximum of 10 people may stay in two holes. The Stop on the lawn is not allowed, and the paddling pool for children closed off. After a weather-wise bad first week, the swimming conditions are in the second week a lot better.

great weather, almost no bathers: Actually, the Badi in Aarberg, BE would be on a beautiful Auffahrtstag, but sunbathing lawn, a children’s pool and the Restaurant are closed.Video: SDA

On the driveway Thursday, the Badi Aarberg could have been normal times, with up to 2000 visitors a first record. Because of the restrictions against the 70 swimmers were counted inside and float.

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