Invited to the RTL set this Thursday, May 4, Bérengère Bonte is promoting her new book “La Secrète” published by L’Archipel editions. A biographical book that paints the portrait of the Prime Minister of the French Republic, Elisabeth Borne. The latter is known to be very mysterious. Whether it is in relation to her childhood, her love life, or her professional ambitions, it is quite rare for the Prime Minister to speak up and open up. However, after 6 months of waiting, the journalist Bérengère Bonte manages to have an appointment, and begins a year-long investigation, which bears fruit. Questioned by Yves Calvi, she tells us about certain passages from her book, and makes new revelations about Elisabeth Borne.

Since childhood, Elisabeth Borne has maintained quite complex relationships with her family. His father committed suicide after returning from the camp where he had been deported. She was only eleven at the time. Her mother, much closer to her sister, then had a “non-existent” relationship with her, as Bérengère Bonte tells us. The Prime Minister then takes refuge in mathematics, and forges “a complex personality: a mixture of fragility and strength”, as the journalist describes it. A rather painful childhood, which will lead her all the same to Matignon. Nevertheless, some rumors are surfacing during his appointment. The one that caused the most talk is the one about his so-called homosexuality. Very close to her friend Clotilde Valter, some French people thought she had a relationship.

Elisabeth Borne decides to give an interview to Têtu magazine to deny these rumors. A gay magazine in which political figures have made their homosexuality public, as is the case of the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt who made his comming out there a few days after the adoption of the pension reform. This is not the case of Elisabeth Borne who says that she is not gay: “If that’s the case, I don’t see why I wouldn’t have said so”, she confides to the magazine. During this interview, she even reveals that she is in a relationship. But then who is it?

During her investigation of Elisabeth Borne, the journalist Bérengère Bonte explains to us that the Prime Minister would have staged her couple with a certain Patrice Obert. Having hired the latter at the RATP when she was president there, Elisabeth Borne announced that this man shares her life. Nevertheless, he has yet written on his blog to be in a civil partnership with another woman since 2021. So, this leftist, eco-friendly, Catholic, member of associations, and more, would he really have a relationship with Elisabeth Borne? ? Bérengère Bonte in doubt, and will explain to us during her exchange with Yves Calvi: “I asked to see her again, with all these elements, inevitably, I never heard from again”.