New year’s eve: cities from a wide range of fireworks bans


    authorities in Germany want to be banned with expanded Firecrackers, and more presence of police excesses in the new year’s eve to prevent it. For the first time comes as a firecrackers zone around the city core from Hannover to add to ban. In Düsseldorf, firecrackers and Firecrackers is prohibited in the whole of the old town. In Cologne, no fire works may be placed around the Cathedral burned down. The ban was expanded this year to two streets. In Dortmund, the Ignition of fireworks and pyrotechnics in a two-city forbidden zones near the main railway station.

    In Stuttgart, Germany failed, however, an attempt to ban fireworks. In Berlin, the red-red-green state government would set up like this year to further prohibition zones. The Left-the Deputy Niklas Schrader said the RBB, the German Federal explosives law to forbid the districts, however, the Böllerei quite. That’s why you wanted to be at the Federal level.

    In historic old towns such as Göttingen, Lüneburg, Weimar, or of Tübingen may be for some time, no fireworks, more burned.

    In Hannover is waiting for the police, that the Situation with the new ban around the Central squares in the city centre will be significantly more relaxed than last year. In the prohibition zone will be controlled access but will shut off with neither bars nor will any single search. Of the year 2017/18, it was in Hanover in the new year’s eve to come to multiple dangerous situations, because fireworks were ignited in the midst of crowds of people.