A hefty dose of anticipation the voice of Andreas Wolff. “The Bundesliga is done and dusted, I’m fit as a fiddle and can now switch to the full in the world Cup mode,” said the goalkeeper of THW Kiel after the 31:28 victory of his team against the Rhein-Neckar Löwen. He himself had only a small proportion of this 19. Success in succession, one Bundesliga, the DHB Cup and EHF Cup: Exactly once, the Keeper was allowed into the case and fought with the left Hand a seven-meter. A primal scream followed the Parade of the 198-centimeter-long goalie with the reddish beard lets his emotions like to run free.

he Rarely is allowed to do with THW Kiel is also why the native people in Euskirchen will leave the German ice hockey record Champions after three years in the direction of Kielce. Trainer veteran Alfred Gislason on the quiet Danes Niklas Landin. Wolff was, in spite of his seconds use because of the upcoming world Cup in the best of moods. The goalkeeper, whose star at the European championship Triumph of the German went up in Poland, almost three years ago, sets itself the highest goals and want to be world champion and then the German champion.

With the last Play of the League the day after Christmas, the League was-Chapter of 2018 completed. The German national player of the Rhein-Neckar Lowen that Patrick Groetzki, Jannik Kohlbacher and Steffen Fäth, headed for a Hotel in Hamburg, before it went on Friday morning to Barsinghausen. There they met Wolff, Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler from the THW. In lower Saxony, Germany coach Christian Prokop has gathered his national team players to a short training course to Sunday.

to Work, while almost all other free – the law has been able to gain outside Groetzki: “It’s been hard and bitter, like the dates being pushed now. But I am still on the national team.“