“Luxury jets” – jet fighter-opponents to collect nearly 90’000 signatures for ReferendumSP, Green and GSoA submitted on Wednesday the Referendum against the six billion Swiss francs expensive fighter jets. The people will vote in September on the template.5 Kommentare5Die supporters of the referendum against the purchase of new fighter jets, filed on Wednesday with the Federal Chancellery of almost 90’000 signatures.Photo: Keystone

The group for a Switzerland without an army (GSoA), the SP and the Greens have tabled on Wednesday, the signatures for the Referendum against the purchase of new fighter aircraft. According to GSoA figures 90’000 to just under fonts.

Of the submitted signatures are notarized according to the GSoA 65’874. For the condition of the referendum come in 50’000 valid signatures are needed.

the Federal Council and Parliament want to procure from 2025 to six billion Swiss francs of new fighter jets. This will replace the existing fleet of F/A-18 and Tiger Jets. The people agreed to on 27. September 2020 on the submission from.

The opponents of new fighter jets argue with the high costs. This money is missing elsewhere: in education, in public transport or in the case of the AHV. With austerity packages and tax those sum should be brought to increases in, which has been increased in the army because of the new Jets, writes the GSoA.

An effective air screen, should also be guaranteed without new Jets, because Swiss air force was equipped in an international comparison, even after the phasing-out of the 54 F-5 Tiger very well. For the performance of the air police mission, the existing F/A-18 were sufficient, especially since Switzerland is surrounded by friends. The F/A-18 fleet had been brought to in addition, also recently, on the latest state of the art.

The money is not “missing somewhere else” or “taken away”.

The FDP to the fighter jet-Referendum

The proponents of new fighter jets – including FDP, SVP, CVP, BDP, GLP and PPE – counter, not only in the need of replacement, the GSoA’m wrong. The GSoA also give, the money could be used in health better and mix so that Apples with pears, the FDP, on Wednesday.

The purchase of new fighter planes and also the following operating costs would be exclusively financed from the army budget. It was merely a allotment of the poor finances, the FDP. And: “The money is not “missing somewhere else” or “taken away”.”

(SDA /aru)

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