Botched biographies one finds in crime novels abound. Raesengs life, however, began with a special low blow: As a Baby he was placed in a dumpster. It was followed by four years of walls behind the monastery and the Adoption by a felon. School? At best a pious wish. Bread purchase? Professional killer. However, Raeseng lose the professional ethos of slow, which is why his Clients are playing with the idea to make the murderer to the Murdered. He would be an easy victim, because after each murder, he sinks into the “bottomless swamp of depression” from which he can drink himself to fight only with a maneuver – free Period. The killing is the downward spiral, in which it is located, and drink, more killing, more drinking.

Kai Spanke


F. A. Z.

the literature can do nothing more. Raeseng grew up in the library of his replacement father’s Old Raccoon. It comprises twenty thousand books, and serves as a gathering place of the most evil villains of Korea. That “Dog House”, is a good thing, because Raeseng has begun its existence in a ton of. Since it is only a small associative step to Diogenes, the advantage of such a container is the same as the permanent residential site, and under the nickname of “the dog” was known.

As a dystopian Comic book universe

A non-absurd Borrowing, as the philosophers maintained, is the Ideal of the independence of the external constraints followed Raeseng. The latter, the library offered at least the possibility of escape boredom with a simple measure: learning to read. And the readers, the Kurt Tucholsky, already knew it so well, because he can choose his writers. About Homer. In Achilles’ example was Raeseng clear how vulnerable even the brave warriors. The Old Raccoon had it eingebleut him early on: “The reading of books condemns you to a life full of fear and shame.”

Before you give this warning hearing, and the literature to convert, you should grab quickly to Un-su Kim’s Thriller “The Plotter”, from which the quote originates. The 1972-born South Koreans are currently trading as an Asian, Henning Mankell, which is of course absurd. The Commissioner Wallander exhaled province-Odeur and the tiring foreseeable violence, excesses, with which he must deal, have nothing in common with the Kim skillfully interwoven stories of emotionally ruined figures.

The events of a Scandinavian average thrillers unfold in a world that resembles our reality, they over-subscribed, but at crucial Points: the valiant, the Wise, the madman, the Maniac, bloody the bloody deeds. Kim is such Genre conventions behind, by designing a space for Action, which is reminiscent of a dystopian Comic book universe. We will be equally archetypal and out of each Grid falling figures, the strange code and surreal places to populate.

conspiracy designer, from the highest circles

the meat market, where an old cliche from gangster films is evident: It is nothing Personal, just business. The meat market is the “kapitalisti most of all the markets, which meant you could buy anything, as long as you had the necessary money”. Including organs and venom, Eastern European women, and drugs fall. But also for revenge or Rehabilitation. The Only thing there is, are the “cheap feelings, for nobody was interested”. The sociologists Georg Elwert of the meat market as a violence market. Usually violence with emotions and irrationality is associated. Your interpretation is the responsibility of educators, therapists, and psychologists.