The Us president when He had a Saturday night a little bit of time to relax, and it was to be a contest of Mixed Martial Arts at Madison Square Garden in New York city. At the time of his arrival, he was treated to a loud, flute concerto and the booing from a section of the public who were present.

A week ago, he and his wife, Melania, the same honour to a fifth and deciding that evening at the World Series of poker to be in Washington. Not everyone has had it with the hostile reception: “It’s a lack of respect for our president in this way, one of the attendees to record.

The 73-year-old, He took it, along with his two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and various State officials, held on the third row of the table. He was kept for three hours at the event. Afterwards, retweette in the family’s Home videos, which show how the president in a round of applause was given at the time of his arrival.

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