A kiss that could make your teeth cringe. This Monday, September 26, the sixth evening of the 17th season of Love is in the meadow, presented by Karine Le Marchand, was rich in twists and turns. And for good reason, M6 viewers were able to witness a rather unexpected scene at the end of the episode. During a tea dance, Jean, a cattle breeder in Beaujolais, seems to have made his choice between his two suitors, Laurence and Nathalie. The farmer took advantage of a slow with Laurence to slip him a few sweet words. “There, you make me really happy. It’s our most beautiful moment,” he told her. When the DJ mingles on the stage by offering the dancers to kiss his partner, the 58-year-old man did not hesitate to passionately kiss his suitor… under the eyes of his rival who has been watching the scene in the distance since. his table! The latter is visibly struggling to hide her disappointment.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Jean agreed to return to his kiss with Laurence. The cattle breeder admits that he had more in common with the latter. “It was the one that I liked the most. I had chosen in relation to the look and the character before. She has a calmer character already, and she has a finer face”, he justified. Regarding the spontaneity of the kiss in front of Nathalie, Jean admitted having had some fears. “What I feared afterwards was the storm that was going to come behind because normally it shouldn’t have happened like that,” he said. “But if it were to be done again, it wouldn’t change anything! “I don’t regret it at all, you have to let nature take its course!”.

On Twitter, the aficionados of the program were quick to react to the scene between Jean, Laurence and Nathalie. “The image of this season: The pachydermic shovel rolling, the sweaty polo shirt, the superhero seum in the background. It’s magic”, “We call that a humiliation for Nathalie…”, “Jean, he hasn’t the time, squarely in front of her other suitor”, “Imagine for 1 minute the vision that the poor must have from the table, the guy she coveted shoving his rival and a cameraman filming them with her in the background …”, “Well, not very delicate all the same Jean”, can we read on the social network. Anyway, the next episode of Love is in the meadow is already eagerly awaited for this trio.