bus rides can be quite long, especially in America. With the infamous Greyhound bus travelers are sometimes for days on the go, to travel conveniently from one coast to the other. 66 hours and 55 minutes, nearly 3 days, there is a need with the Bus from New York to Los Angeles.

Since the 31. May 2018, the Greyhounds have a competitor more: The Munich-based company Flixbus. And the thought of now something Special, to make the long bus trips a bit shorter: glasses, can dive with travellers in Virtual reality.

The glasses will initially be for three months tested, according to the technology portal Techcrunch. If the customer response is positive, could be to run the experiment longer and extended to other countries.

chess without an opponent

With the glasses, Flixbus seats to customers during the bus ride by the fire and play chess. It is Jazz music. The room is dark and heavy, the Wallpaper in the Demonstration Video, many a cigar had been smoked. Just a bit lonely in the game of chess. The chair of the chess opponent is empty.

A basket as Karl brace

Or the traveller to build their skills as a Basketball basket. Cheerleaders throw from all directions and the balls and the movable basket to catch them. A further Basketball Hoop moderated by the game. The basket is his mouth, eyes and eyebrows, Karl brace, the help remind function in Microsoft Word. In the introductory Video, a monotonous Beat, which makes a bit of aggressive running.

Instead, the customers can learn, but also the why behind the gravitational force, no magic. On a “magical journey” discovered a Boy on a hovering Skateboard, the “secrets of space and time”. A floating robot has to be explainable. In the case of Newton, he begins. Of course, an Apple falls to the robot on the head. It continues with Einstein’s space-time, finally, the subtitle of the video is “In the footsteps of Albert Einstein”.

These experiences in the Virtual reality can, however, make only a few Flixbus customers. On every journey, there are four pairs of glasses, which are reserved for the customers who have booked the panoramic seats. These are the front seats on the top floor of the double deckers.