The culprit is the way: In the past few weeks, the part of the now nationally known schiersteiner bridge demolished, had once plunged the Region into a traffic chaos. Also 2019 takes the Mega-construction project on the major Rhine bridge between Mainz and Wiesbaden important hurdles. To goal to eliminate a everlasting the eye of the Rhine-Main Region final, it is still a good piece. A look behind the Scenes and special features is worth it.

In the coming weeks, even the last remnants of the old bridge will disappear from the Hessian side. Then the steel-and-concrete building in 1963, which was overloaded at the end completely, is finally history. The remaining Remnant crack hydraulic shears to excavator arms. “The pulverizer”, as she calls Jörg Steincke, project Manager at Hessen Mobil. Another excavator with a big magnet metal from the debris, so that it can be recycled.

Delayed construction

in addition, the transport rolls for quite some time on the busy highway 643 on the first of the new bridge. Since the end of 2017 – a year and a half later than planned. Holes Hesse were mobile, according to more difficult than expected, contaminated soil had to be removed, alternately, instantaneous heat and rain, the works. Now when the second new bridge to benefit you Steincke declared enormously of experience with the first. Nowadays, it is common practice, such a split to build bridges. The flexibility, if there is a Element.

A few feet away, Wiesbaden, Rhine river, next to the site’s own ferry, the Material over the Rhine transported is welded on the 120-Meter-long, 2000 tonne Central part of the second new part of the bridge. The upper stream of the bridge, as Steincke said. The bridge on the upstream facing side. Expected to the end of 2019, they will be vessels of your Position, shoehorned – warm up. 2021, according to current planning, a total of 216 million Euro, double-bridge will be fixed and ready – 18 years after the beginning of the planning process, as a report had noted the danger of breakage at the bridge.

completion by 2020

Beyond the Rhine, Bernhard Knoop, head of the worms service of the landesbetrieb mobilität (LBM), for the majority of the Work. In his area of responsibility, the last of the demolition work at the heart East, that part of that was dropped in February 2015 to a Bauunfall. Here, too, holes, go ahead for up to 23-feet deep in the ground, protruding piles for the new heart of the second bridge to be in 2020. This construction on concrete piles under Foundation, different from the old so-called Flat Knoop says.

The new twin bridge is built differently than the old one. The construct of the 1960s was open at the bottom, the Transverse and longitudinal struts made of steel Wind and weather without protection, how Steincke explained. The new resembles a completely enclosed box. The struts sit in a walk-in, protected cavity.