It was in August, when Seda Basay-Yildiz received a Fax. It was sent to the Frankfurt office. Anonymous. “Bad Türkensau,” it said. “You’re Germany not ready.” So drastically, the word choice was also, so they are for the lawyer almost normal. You is often exposed to verbal abuse. But what followed surpassed anything that had to previously endure. In the Letter her daughter was threatened with death, there was talk of “battles”. Basay-Yildiz is not a timid woman. But this time, she said: “it went too far.” They informed the police and filed a police report. There were several discussions with officials of the state protection.

Lorenz Hemicker

editor in the policy

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Then they heard for months and months nothing more of value to the investigation. Until a week ago – when it was announced that five police officers will be determined, because they should have exchanged in a closed Chat group right extremist Material. Basay-Yildiz suddenly had an idea, she says that this case relationships may be with the Drohschreiben. When the police reported back to her and told what she has just put that up there a long time ago, was Basay-Yildiz angry.

“Would have liked the police to have informed me”

“I would have wished that the police had previously informed me about this,” she says, and you don’t learn only from the Newspapers. This time it went not only to you, to belong to a lawyer with a nationwide reputation, which is represented in the NSU-process the victims ‘ families, their clients but also the Islamist threat Haykel S. and Sami A.; Sami, A., the threatening letter was. This time we went to your family, especially your daughter. This is what you are “most concerned”, she says.

Meanwhile, in the case of Basay-Yildiz and the extreme-right network of five police officers, the biggest police scandal in the state of Hesse for many years, device. Because the case raises many questions, also there are only a few answers. This may be mainly due to the fact that the investigation of the threatening letter does not seem to be completed yet and the police and the Prosecutor to Express it hardly.