The Hamburger SV separates from his head coach. Christian Titz, Hannes Wolf, who will be the fourth Coach in the supervision of the HSV in the calendar year in 2018 in a competitive game.

The personnel wear at the Hamburger people’s Park has long been the stuff of legend: 18 coaching change in a decade, it is only logical that the reactions in social media were mainly found in the field between mockery and Häme. “And Groundhog day”, the whole club, caught a loop in an endless Repetition.

The HSV power back HSV-things? No, not an exception. This time, the Association is not, because he must be . He is, because he is acting want . More importantly, the question is: Is this decision right? Two narratives compete.

1. The HSV was again all wrong! The were also risen with Titz.

In the previous year, Markus Gisdol was the Hamburger in the pre-season 19 game days long balls towards the penalty area. The club dismissed him until it was too late. The successor to Bernd Hollerbach won the none of his only seven games, beginning of March, the first descent of the club’s history, was practical.

The black-and-white-and-blue cart had crashed into the wall, the former U23 coach Titz collected the debris and brought in the box is actually up and Running again. It is not only his great merit, the players in this Situation, a new instill self-confidence, but to reconcile, a large part of the audience before the summer break with the new second-League reality. My Hamburg I love very much.

This history of the separation justifies the views of the current table of the Second League with A single point missing the HSV-to-date on a direct promotion spot, nothing that could not catch up with the most expensive squad the second in League history in 24 game days. Titz had a clear idea of the game, the goalkeeper-Libero the hallmark of his Eleven. Titz also knew a lot of players behind. That young star Jann-Fiete Arp on Monday Instagram deep in the Emoji box handle and via his displeasure over the dismissal of the Coach put it, says a lot. In the meantime, he has deleted the Post again.

2. Right on! Since the Regensburg game Titz acts helplessly under the Wolf, only everything can be better.

“I know that I win no popularity price,” said HSV sporting Director Ralf Becker. And yet, “lacked the Conviction to achieve in this constellation of our goals”. Becker himself is only since the end of may in Hamburg. The contract with Titz has yet to be renewed prior to the commencement of the sporting Director. It is legitimate, the things to look at for a while. It is a courageous one, without the obvious need to make a change.

Titz’ deposition cannot be understood without the disastrous 0:5 against Jahn Regensburg on 23. September. More than this demonstration in their own stadium, the HSV is likely to have disrupted those responsible for that Titz since then, the present no convincing adaptation of the game system. It’s defensive performances in Fürth and in the city match against St. Pauli, a neat half-time in Darmstadt and another goalless draw against Bochum. was followed by anxious- Two goals in four Games. Acuminate: Because HSV can suddenly Defensive, he goes on the Offensive.

In the Hamburg media, these two interpretations are circulating in almost all of the mixed forms of great indignation about a sawed-off crowd favorite and euphoria on the next reboot with an ambitious and well-respected Coach who has ascended with VfB Stuttgart from the second League. What story survives? The decided on may 19. May 2019. The HSV assigned to the 34. Round one of the first two places, you may knock in Hamburg-Stellingen to the right on the shoulder. Maybe Ralf Becker gets his “popularity price” even but still.

I also think that the HSV would be ascended with Titz – and that the Team will rise with the Wolf. Everything wrong and everything right: The only HSV.

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