The beginning of 2023 will mark a considerable renewal within the organization of La Poste. Among the many new features that await you there in 2023, the most notorious remains the end of life of the red stamps, until then synonymous with priority mail, delivered the day after it is dispatched. The objective of La Poste and the cause of these reorganizations? Save money !

Indeed, the institution is suffering bitterly from a vertiginous and historic drop in mail. Of course, the appearance and democratization of emails have had their part to play, but the trend has clearly increased more recently, the year 2020 having acted as a coup de grace, as reported by our colleagues from franceinfo.

The health crisis has obviously accentuated the effect of digitization of mail exchanges. In 2020, a total of 1.6 billion letters were not sent compared to the previous year, a drop of nearly 18%. The removal of the red stamp, and the implementation of the red “e-stamp” that followed are presented by La Poste as a hybrid and ecological solution, almost futuristic to hear them…

Among the unions, the concern is great: they fear a reduction in the number of rounds of postal workers and a strong job cut, as Ouest-France reports. Two other major issues are raised by the disappearance of priority letters as we know them: that of the digital divide and that of confidentiality.

Find below the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about this new device.