out Of ten doctoral students can stay at the Uni. This is about the average, in Germany as well as at the Goethe-University. Post-Doc-are scarce, professorships, anyway. Many PhD scientists shimmy from time-to-contract time contract and earn bad. If you can though, is mostly male. Birgitta Wolff, President of Goethe University, is rather the exception. The professors rate in Frankfurt at a little over 37 per cent, in the Bureau, four men and two women are sitting. Thus, Frankfurt is located in Germany on second place in terms of women in leadership positions in universities, but not all, of the enough.

“The falls where not even the”

Astrid of the Malsburg pulls out a brown folder. It is the invitation to the dies academicus of the Department of medicine at the Goethe University, which took place a few weeks ago. 14 program points, and the names of twelve professors, who run a clinic, a faculty organizing or on the day a prize will be awarded. There are twelve men. “This is not time,” says Malsburg and shakes his head. Although there are many projects and money for the advancement of women, was the University like any other in the country is still far from real equality. With her organization “women of calibre” will Malsburg promote the women of the University and perspectives outside of the University is not show, because there is in the academic world is simply not enough space for all. The bridge into the professional life outside the University she holds so important: “Many of sitting in your ivory tower on the beautiful Campus and think that you have to stay until death do us part – and then you Wake up sometime.”

The women at the University are of a poorer quality linked with company than their male colleagues, says Malsburg. Many long-established Clubs such as Rotary are almost only used by men to networks, some even take in any women.

Astrid of the Malsburg has decided as a young woman to leave the University. She studied business and economy, with mid-twenties, she was a speech writer in the Chancellery, later, in the Bavarian state Chancellery. Today she earns her money with the Writing of Speeches for members of the management Board; who are your customers, not betray you. She is also the honorary Consul of Estonia in the state of Hesse.

1400 members

with a passion for networks. Of 1,400 women are now a member of “women of calibre”. Malsburg organized a Meeting every month in which there is a guide or an exhibition is visited. For example, the closing of Estonian contemporary artists in the European Central Bank, dinner with discussion in the Städelschule, a tour of the synagogue in Westend. She also works with other networks, such as with Wizo. The “Women’s International Zionist Organization” is the largest women’s organization in the world and operates in Israel’s social institutions.

The most important part comes after the tours and presentations: informal exchange. It Jobs are sought and offered, information about companies, shared and tips given. Successful Bankers and consultants Andi sit together with the doctor can. Some have been poached at such a Meeting. “The need to exchange is huge,” says Malsburg. And the network is so successful that young men grumble sometimes because they can not participate.

woman network

it all Started for “women with style” with Tanja Brühl. The former Vice-President of the University, suggested to establish a women’s network. Malsburg stand ready. The 30 women were in the beginning, that was seven years ago. You got an office on the Campus Westend, your network but independent of the University Executive considers. The University supports “women of calibre”, is because of systematic personal exchange between women leaders from science and industry will adjust well to the University’s Third Mission strategy, will inform you. “Particularly for our young scientists, such contacts lead to new career options. Conversely, it may be for women from the business community an enriching experience, in dialogue with scientists a new perspective, getting to know,“ says the spokesman.