the Orange was in the third quarter, and more profits and sales than you may expect. The newly-released bundle of Love Couples, mobile phones and the internet, but without a digital television, has had a “successful launch” could be behind it, the company informs on Wednesday voorbeurs.

The adjusted ebitda earnings (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and write-downs) has landed a 1.1 per cent increase to 83.6 million euros. The analysts and the financial news agency Bloomberg had on average, but that, at 79.6 million euros for the customer.

Due to a higher tax burden remained below the mark or significantly less: net income decreased for the year by 27% to € 14.5 million.

The turnover and went on a comparable basis, the 2.5 per cent increase to 334,3 million euro. Especially in the private sector also contributed, with 7.1 percent more in revenues from the services. In particular, the number of customers for a bundle and went ahead. Analysts are expected to 330,8 million euro.

CEO Michael Trabbia was pleased with “another quarter of strong commercial and financial performance”, says the press release. He points to one of the uitdagerspositie of operator in the market, for example, with the kabelknippersformule”: “Love Duo. That is, it was “warmly received”, “We can say that our order book was a substantial increase in late growth, which is promising for the future.” Due to the installatietermijn, there was a quarter only a very limited effect on the number of new customers of the system.