Neighbourhood police in Turkey, Erdogan is dreaming of a morals police is An armed corps to get police-like powers. Some media warn of a moral police like in Iran. The Opposition sees in the step even of a “coup” against the parliamentary democracy.Tomas Avenarius of Istanbul0 comment a kind of parallel police: Was it in 2016, only about 4000 Bekcis, today it is 21’000.Photo: Imago

With the Development of a “neighbourhood police” seems to be the Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a kind of parallel police build to want. This week, the Expansion of the “Bekci” aforementioned troupe has to be decided in Parliament. The “guardian” as a kind of Amateur police officers have been around for 2016. You have strength but limited powers and a small team. Both are to be expanded. The information provided by the interior Ministry, the armed force has in Parts of the police similar powers.

The “auxiliary forces of the police,” as they are called officially, are to be uniformed according to the interior Ministry and armed, you may apply for the direct prevention of crime and violence. The Bekcis to work by the police, will perform in residential areas, Parks, and shopping centers, identity checks, people hold on to, and “to bring an endangered or vulnerable women and children” the security of police stations may. You should, however, be allowed any investigations or interrogations, and crime scenes to back up.

insert according to a political calculus?

The use of advance, a psychological suitability test and basic training to go. Prerequisite, high school and military service. There were 2016, only about 4000 Bekcis, today it is 21’000. The police density in Turkey is higher than in the countries of Western Europe, where a COP comes to around 300 citizens. In Turkey, there is one for every 180 inhabitants.

suspected by The Opposition that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the existing institutions of the police and Gendarmerie since the coup attempt of 2016, and past them a loyal police similar force wants to build, he can use the political calculus. Some opposition media outlets are warning of a “moral police” like in Iran. The independent opposition Deputy Cihangir Islam spoke of the construction of a “security state”: “people everywhere are harassed by their passes will be required. The Land will be littered with checkpoints.”

parliamentarians festival

The domestic political climate has worsened in the past few days, noticeably taken. The Opposition believes that the state plays the President with the idea of new elections and the Opposition wants to massively weaken. The arrest of speaks of three members of Parliament a few days ago. Before her parliamentary immunity had been lifted by the Parliament’s President, Mustafa Sentop, surprisingly, and without a vote in the plenary.

Leyla Güven and Musa Faris ogullari of the prokurdischen HDP and Enis Berberoglu from the social democratic CHP, were convicted in court processes, although quite strongly, but had begun before the proceedings at the end of their mandates in the Parliament in Ankara. The unexpected withdrawal of the mandates came from. Sentop described the criticism of the approach as “legally incompetent”, the sentences against the politicians were not legally binding. The two HDP members were convicted of supporting a terrorist Association; the justice alleges the proximity to the as a terrorist organization classified the PKK against HDP members.

video material plays

The CHP representative berberoğlu was judged for “espionage”. He was referring to the newspaper “Cumhuriyet” video material about a secret service action at the 2014 weapons for the militias with trucks should have been done to Syria. While the HDP-came a representative to the jail, the CHP politician, because of the Corona-danger in the prisons for now under house arrest.

The Opposition is presumed to be behind the detention of the parliamentarians as well as behind the Expansion of the Bekci-auxiliary police Offensive of Erdogan against the Opposition. He can see that the agreement for the coalition government of Islam was sinking the Austro-conservative AKP and the right-nationalist MHP, and the economy will deteriorate due to the Corona-crisis. While CHP head Kemal Kiliçdaroglu warned, to provoke, to voice the HDP of a “coup against parliamentary democracy”. She pointed out that the recent arrests already Dismissals and partially arrests – of several HDP-mayor to be preceded.

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