if you are in an accident with a Flixbus Sunday at the A1 motorway in the Area, in the north of France, and 33 people were injured. The four of them are on the increase. Report this to the local authorities. The bus was on its way from Paris to London.

The accident happened around noon in the vicinity of the exit of Estrées-Deniécourt, between Amiens and Saint-Quentin. For some unknown reason, the bus was on its side in a corner. The road surface was very wet due to frequent rain during the past period of time.

On board the bus were the driver and 32 passengers. That is, according to the local prefecture of various nationalities, including British, French, German, American, Australian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish.

The road, after the accident temporarily shut down.

now, Flixbus and sent to a vervangbus. The company deeply regrets the accident, and said that it’s going to be a langeafstandsbus of a local partner, on behalf of Flixbus journeys run between London and Paris. The bus operator is in contact with the local authorities, in order to care for the passengers, and to ensure that the precise cause of the accident is to be determined.

All of the 33 people on board were killed or wounded. 29 of the passengers were slight injuries and four others were heavier, were wounded. Among the passengers were foreign tourists.

Photo: AFP)