Change of register for David Mora. The interpreter of Fabien, character revealed in Scenes of households on M6, plays this Wednesday, March 29 in the TV movie And gently relight the stars, broadcast on France 2. A dramatic fiction in which the actor embodies a father confronted with a terrible loss.

What is the plot of this fiction, inspired by the novel by Élaine Turgeon, My life does not know how to swim? “In a small seaside resort on the shores of the Mediterranean, Laure and Vincent form a united couple around their twin daughters, Camille and Marie, who are celebrating their 15th birthday. This is the day that the latter chooses, in the fight against an illness -to be as deep as it is secret, to end your life by throwing yourself off a cliff”, indicates the summary of the telefilm broadcast on the channel of the France Télévisions group.

An immeasurable drama for the hero played by David Mora who sees his family circle shattered. With this character, the actor moves away from the comic role that has made him popular since 2011 on M6 with the stars of Scenes of households. Among the stars in the cast, the actor has forged a special bond with actress Marion Game, who died on Thursday March 23 at the age of 84.

Asked by Télé-Loisirs, the forties paid tribute to the interpreter of Huguette. “I would like to express all my admiration for this great actress”, he confided before evoking it with emotion. “I remember her typical Parisian titi accent when she welcomed me in Scenes from Households. She was a very talented actress, she had done a lot of dubbing voices”.

David Mora is also close to Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, the one who plays his wife Emma in the M6 ​​fiction. To the point of being in a relationship in the city as on the screen? “All the couples of Scenes of households, we are friends. There was no story in any couple of Scenes of households”, she confided in 2018 for Purebreak. “We have little theater evenings. We’ve been working together for eight years. David absolutely knows my whole life, he’s lived everything from day to day. We even go on vacation together, added the actress. We’re not not together but it looks like it”. But, who shares the comedian’s life?

On the personal side, actor David Mora has been in a relationship for several years with Davina Vigné. This young actress has played in particular in the series Scapegoat and Nakanda Life. The couple welcomed a daughter born in January 2021, the first child for the actor while his partner is the mother of an older son, born from a previous union.

Discreet about his life as a couple, David Mora shares rare snapshots with his companion Davina Vigné on social networks. Unlike his half who does not hesitate to reveal some family photos on Instagram. How does his famous companion experience his fatherhood?

Fatherhood changed David Mora’s life a lot, as Le Parisien reported in 2011. “I’m a dad. It’s pretty crazy and it’s brand new,” according to comments quoted by Closer. Father of his little girl, now 2 years old, the actor seems very close to his offspring and does not hesitate to share some confidences.

“My daughter is starting to stand up, she’s going to start walking soon,” the comedian revealed to Current Woman on December 6, 2021. “We’re going to have to run after her and put foam on all the furniture. is not anxiety but prevention”, he adds, according to comments quoted by Télé Star. “I think you shouldn’t tie knots in your stomach, all children fall and that’s also how you learn” and to conclude. “We can’t protect them from everything, even if we try”.