With regularity reported in the past few years, the Catholic news Agency archaeological finds in the Holy Land with a biblical reference – preferably during the summer hole, or in the advent time. In both of the time you must be the attention for apostles, altars, or remains of settlements, which the New Testament is called as a wonder of the places, sure.

this year, However? . Not a pond, near which the Saviour has wrought, is as dried-up water hole in the desert sand proved, and not a wreck of a Peter-boat was wrested from the sea of Galilee. So something else must be found, and the British newspaper with the time of year is particularly appropriate name “the Guardian” don’t know what was stolen, of Caravaggio in 1609 for the oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo painted altarpiece with Christ’s birth, in 1969, and is now before the resurrection – no, the Church calendar fits in – before the to resist discovery: “Could the painting now be recovered in time for Christmas?” It would be so, then we could celebrate something, what is the Holy Land, with all its soil and under water treasures never so precisely has done: a veritable Christmas Fund before Christmas.

It was announced to us, therefore, with great pleasure, and this shall be a sign for you: There have been statements of a Defector from the Kunstraubs suspected Cosa Nostra, want to have spent the picture time in Switzerland. “A kind of miracle it would be,” says a skeptical Sicilian Museum patrons, who had in the past year, the production of a copy of the stolen masterpiece for the orphaned altar area, if there was ever a return of the image to Palermo says, however, rather bright – as-healing-sighted.