Growing concern. The financial loss related to retirement is distressing for many French people, especially for those who have not prepared enough for this stage upstream. According to the Ministry of Solidarity, the average retirement pension in France amounted to 1,341 euros net per month in 2020 and not all beneficiaries can count on other income to compensate for it. This average does not reflect the disparities that exist between future retirees, depending on their sex, their professional life and their affiliation scheme.

If the French know that they must prepare for their retirement upstream, do they have the right financial reflexes? Not necessarily, according to the latest Odoxa study for Abeille Assurances on the French and retirement. First observation, they do not know how long they will really spend in retirement: while they think they will spend an average of 18 years, this last stage of life actually includes 25 years, according to OECD figures. Seven years that make a difference financially, proof – if more is needed – that we must prepare as soon as possible.

How to finance these 25 years when you retire at 62 or 63? According to the Odoxa survey for Abeille Assurances, 67% of French people “do not know the different possibilities for building up a supplementary pension”. If one in two French people (49%) do put money aside for their retirement, they do not necessarily make the most effective choices financially. Here are the main levers activated:

If these strategies are laudable, they are not sufficient at present to generate the most effective possible pension supplement, explains Le Courrier Financier. What are the preferred solutions for 2023? When should you start?