there is A shipwreck that dates back more than a century, was motionless in the water near niagara falls is on the border of the United States, Canada, and has, for the first time in 101 years of tears.

The story of the boat is a local legend. In August, 1918, and became a baggerbootje loose from its tug and threatened to go to the Horseshoe falls, the largest of the three, the Horseshoe falls, to be increased. The two crew members left the ship and therefore opted to walk the 600 meters to their certain deaths.

The iron-boat and continued ever since, quietly, lying there. Up until last Thursday, when the fierce gusts of wind and rain, the wreck, and after a century and fifty feet continue to blow up. The staff of the national park in which the falls will be the situation, keep an eye on. “But it still is a wreck now and again for a hundred years”, sound to it.

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