Cooking in a motorhome? It’s possible ! It is nevertheless necessary to sort, select and ignore certain appliances, because the space in the cupboards is limited… and must therefore be used to store the most useful. Le Monde du Camping-Car insists on a few recommendations for making your selection: the utensil must be compact, solid, light as far as possible and if it makes it possible to limit the consumption of water, gas and electricity. , this is a non-negligible point.

In addition, here are some essentials to bring to make your trip go smoothly, culinary speaking.

This does not mean, however, that you can concoct any dish in this very special vehicle. Indeed, because of space, limited equipment or simply persistent odors after the meal, certain dishes are strongly discouraged by Le Monde du Camping-Car.

Find out which ones in our slideshow below. So, when the budget allows it, it is better to take advantage of the good products of the region where you are passing through.