Jean-Pierre Foucault, the famous presenter of the Miss France beauty contest, has been one of the emblematic figures of the TF1 group for many years. But don’t we say that behind every great man hides a woman? For nearly 40 years, the host has shared his life with a woman named Evelyne Jarre.

This former air hostess by profession capsized the heart of the animator in 1983, the year they met while she was serving him a snack during a flight. Since then, the two lovers have never left each other. Evelyne Jarre and Jean-Pierre Foucault settled together in order to build a family life with their respective children. Indeed, Evelyne Jarre was already the mother of a daughter named Sandrine while the TF1 star had a daughter, Virginie, born from a previous marriage, reports Closer.

Since then, the lovers would live in a villa in Carry-le-Rouet, a pretty town located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, not far from Marseille, reveals the Journal des femmes. What is the secret of their couple’s longevity? Jean-Pierre Foucault had given some clues to the Parisian in 2014. “There is only one way: to avoid monotony. It’s like in the job. A former radio operator told me when I started: ‘ If you want to last, never say hello twice in the same way at the microphone. And if we tried to do the same with our spouse? With Évelyne, my partner, this recipe has worked for thirty-five years! he had explained.

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