Corona is in Germany – More than 100 Infected to worship in FrankfurtDie municipality wants to have paid attention to spacing and hygiene rules – nevertheless, infected more than a hundred believers.Matthias Drobinski, Jacqueline Büchi4 Kommentare4Viele of the devout members of the congregation originate from Russia: a Baptist Church in Frankfurt.Photo: Wettera Copyright (Imago)

“let not Your heart be troubled not!” With this sentence from the gospel of John, a men’s calls on voice of the faithful to remain calm and to trust in the Lord. To see the preacher is not. Only the sound will be celebrating this Sunday morning, out of the grey building, white in Frankfurt streamed, in which the gospel Christians-Baptists, in worship. May God give all the help who are just sick “and maybe in the hospital are”. Of a Virus, he does not speak. But what was not there?

There was something. Probably as a result of a divine service at 10. May have infected more than 100 people from the Frankfurt area with the Coronavirus. “Right now, we have at least 107 persons with residences in Frankfurt and three other Hessian counties infected,” said the Hessian Minister of health, Kai Klose on Sunday afternoon in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“Contact Tracing” to start

The health offices on-site would have immediately started the contact persons keep track of. If necessary quarantine, would be taken measures, the possible chains of Infection to interrupt.

As it came to the infections, is still unclear. Many of the devout members of the congregation come from Russia, where the Church in 1944, was created in the Stalinist period. You live since the 90s in the Rhine-Main area. The Deputy Chairman of the Frankfurt gospel Christians-Baptists-Church, Vladimir Pritzkau said, you have observed the safety requirements, under which Church services are again possible. It was disinfectant, the distance of one and a half meters to the Bank’s neighbors had been complied with; how many people were on that Sunday because he could not say.


In Switzerland are admitted for services as of next Thursday again changes. According to the protection concept of the Federal government, the believers need to dispense with the Singing and body contact. In addition, the Participants have to specify their contact details, if the minimum distance of two meters can not be met. While, for example, the Evangelical-reformed Church, to consistently put on such lists of names, the Roman Catholic Church, in most cases, because it assumes that the churches are filled only to one third.

The Frankfurt case, doesn’t change the fact, such as Encarnación Berger-Lobato, communications Manager of the bishops ‘ conference, on request, says: “We strictly adhere to the Covid-regulation by the Federal government and assume that the faithful at a minimum distance of two metres, are well protected.”

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