After Van Gogh – Distortion and Transformed, OASIS immersion presents Sweet Folie, its third exhibition at the Palais des Congrès.

This is the first time that the organization specializing in immersive multimedia art, founded in 2020, has presented three exhibitions simultaneously.

Developed in collaboration with the Colegram agency, Sweet Folie brings audiences of all ages into the heart of a wacky universe for 60 minutes. The creators provide participants with an interactive experience through a concert of multiple images and sound effects.

The exhibition, which La Presse visited on Tuesday, is divided into three galleries. Baptized Murmures, the first is presented as an introduction to the wacky world that awaits visitors. We meet Junior, a character who will accompany us in a series of visually impressive discoveries.

Entitled Charivari and made up of whimsical pieces of art, the second gallery takes us into a fake GIF museum, a common digital image format on the internet. Finally, the third gallery, Bingo Bango, takes on the appearance of interactive games through projections.

In an interview, the president and co-founder of OASIS, Denys Lavigne, says he tried to explore different universes with Sweet Folie. Instagram, TikTok, the GIF museum… Everything is there, in addition to the various visual effects that we observe.

“We manage to connect visitors with subjects, universes in a fairly strong way, underlines Mr. Lavigne. Since the beginning, it has inspired us a lot. »

Sweet Folie also allows artists to offer an optimistic perspective. This is the case of Vincent Bilodeau, creative director and animation director at Colegram, who wants to create a very uninhibited creation, just to rally as many age groups as possible.

“OASIS approached us some time ago to create this experience,” says Vincent Bilodeau. They really had the word “crazy” as [guideline]. They gave us carte blanche for all creative content. »

After the end of the exhibition, scheduled for the fall, Denys Lavigne caresses other projects. A bit like Sweet Folie, he would like to continue to arouse the emotion of the public, but by exploiting the theme of the environment, a very topical subject.

The president and co-founder of OASIS immersion is looking for how he can inspire the public on this issue. However, no date has been set for the completion of the project.