I’m going to love you, Les Vieux Mariés, I want to marry him for one evening…Michel Sardoua has long sung about love in music, but he has also had several marriages in his life. From his first union with Françoise Pettré in 1965, he became the father of two daughters: Sandrine (born in 1970) and Cynthia (born in 1973). But, the couple divorced in 1977.

That same year, the interpreter of The illness of love marries Elizabeth Haas in second marriage. Before the formalization of their union, Michel Sardou became the father of their first son Romain in January 1974 (one month after his daughter Cynthia). Four years later, the couple welcomes their second son Davy. But, after 20 years of a tumultuous relationship, they divorced in 1998.

However, Michel Sardou does not take long to find love with Anne-Marie Périer. The two lovers had been dating for several years when they were respectively in a relationship. “She had her life, she had children, she was married and me too”, he confided on RTL in May 2021, quoted by Here. Indeed, the journalist and half-sister of photographer Jean-Marie Périer lived with her husband, director Claude Barrois, with whom she had two children: Paul and Mathias.

Love at first sight was stronger than all between the singer and the journalist. After a secret romance, Michel Sardou chose to ask for the hand of his sweetheart in a rather surprising way. “One day I called her. She was in New York, I was in Paris and I said, ‘Listen, do you want to marry me? Answer me yes or no, like this We’ll save time. It’s not worth me courting you frantically, we’ve known each other for 25 years’. And it happened like that,” recalled the artist during the interview.

On October 11, 1999, Michel Sardou and Anne-Marie Périer said “yes” to the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine during a civil ceremony celebrated by Nicolas Sarkozy, mayor of the city at that time. A media marriage bringing together their families and many personalities, such as Eddy Mitchell, Michel Fugain, Carlos or Cécilia Attias.

After nearly 24 years of union, love still seems to be there within the couple. For better and for worse, according to the words of Anne-Marie Périer evoking the personality of her husband. “The character he has! He is not easy to live with. His outbursts are in two stages: he curls up, calms down, then half an hour later, puts it back on,” reportedly told Le Figaro the one who celebrates her 78th birthday on April 5, 2023. For the occasion, Planet reveals their wedding album to you in the slideshow.