Mask: the departments where it is unwise to remove it


The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic could almost seem behind us. This is evidenced by the overall relaxation of health safety instructions! Since Monday, February 16, 2022, French people are no longer forced to wear their protective mask in public transport. It could almost seem trivial, but it is actually quite significant, as France Info reminds us: this constraint lifted, there are more or less no more places where the mask is compulsory. In many ways, it is also a symbol that must be seen there.

From now on, our colleagues still report, the mask is no longer compulsory in health establishments, such as nursing homes or hospitals. However, Olivier VĂ©ran made it clear that even without official constraint, it was still recommended to wear it. At the risk, otherwise, of being exposed to one or other of the variants of SARS-CoV-2 which circulate on French soil. A number of departments are still facing a fairly high incidence, very much higher than the alert threshold mentioned by the executive at the start of the epidemic. Discover the list in our slideshow, at the end of this article (CovidTracker data, May 13, 2022).

In practice, the epidemic figures tend to improve. Contaminations and hospitalizations resulting from the Covid-19 coronavirus are less numerous… So much so that the new cases recorded by Public Health France, on Sunday May 15, 2022, fell 30,459 over twenty-four hours.