Since March 7 and the call of the inter-union to “bring France to a halt”, fuel shipments have been interrupted in France. To mark its opposition to the pension reform, the CGT-Chemistry has chosen to tackle supply at the pump. It has paralyzed refineries for several days all over France.

For the moment, the consequence of the blockages is not too strong for motorists. 2.5% of service stations in the country do not have either gasoline or diesel, according to Le Figaro. However, being an average, the difficulties vary greatly depending on the departments. And, the call to harden the movement since the announcement of 49.3 should not improve the situation.

Since Elisabeth Borne’s decision, “employees have raised their voices” at the TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, according to BFMTV. Eric Sellini, CGT coordinator, said on Friday March 17 that “the main units will start stopping from tomorrow” so that “the refinery [is] stopped this weekend or Monday at the latest.” Other refineries in the country are also expected to cease operations in the coming days.

Olivier Mateu, leader of the CGT in the Bouches-du-Rhône, warned motorists on BFMTV. You have to “go fill up with gas because there won’t be many left soon”. According to the collaborative site Pénurie Mon Essence, Friday March 17, 71 stations are in total rupture and 324 are in partial rupture.

Find out below in which department it will be necessary to take precautions this weekend according to Le Figaro.