France has to borrow in the coming year because of the expensive concessions to the “yellow West”movement, as much money as never before on the capital market. The sum of the planned Emission of bonds with medium and long term will increase by five to 200 billion euros, announced by the Finance Agency on Thursday in Paris.

the President of Emmanuel Macron wants to appease the protesters, among other things, a higher minimum wage, tax relief for pensioners and a lower tax on Overtime. In addition, the Eco-tax was tilted. The tearing a hole of about ten billion euros, which can only be by cash and cash equivalents stuffed. The debt should be characterized in 2019 is expected to be around 3.2 per cent of GDP, after 2.6 per cent had been planned.

The “yellow West” – named after the mandatory yellow safety vests in all cars – had begun increases in mid-November with protests against petrol price. The protests escalated fast to a shaft against the economic policy of the Macron.