Prior to the filming of the new series ‘FC De Kampioenen’ be able to start up, once again, a hearty word of talking to the actors, and the VRT. That said, the actor Marijn Devalck – known in Flanders as well as in Balthasar Boma on Tuesday at All.

Devalck, had to have a new season of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ is not so much needed. “My opinion was asked beforehand, and I stick to paper, that I don’t have to be. But, as always, I’m going to cry of solidarity with which, in the majority of the actors are determined. If they do, however, like what seems to be so – then count me in.”

But then, there will be clear arrangements need to be made, because, Devalck remember to have a good example of how the belgian actors in the early days of the series treated. “They were just not properly with us. We were forced to get contracts to work with, in which we explain away our rights. In other words, we earned not a penny from the huge popularity. It’s supposed to be illegal. However, the actors who were there at that time was because, they were out of the range. Ah, yes, there was plenty of it in the process of waiting, which, however, under which terms and conditions want to work.”

Just as Jacques Vermeire was able to to its popularity as a garage, TRACE, however, redeemed, so he would have to pay if the VRT is the set of re-transmissions. It is a decision that countless transmitted later on to make a brilliant impression turned out to be.

Not that, Devalck, that his former colleague will forgive. “Perhaps there are, though, that have earned The “Champions”. I am not, I am the man did not have to go to the boss and to ask for more money. But there are stories around that there are others, and they have been threatening, however, have been obtained. This will not happen again. This is simply a very, very important to me. Let’s get one thing straight: the contract will have to be clear that everyone is exactly the same amount to be paid. That is what I demand full transparency.” My gedácht!

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