At the end of this year, all rental properties required to have a smoke to have it. But the question is whether that is going to happen. Due to the high demand for smoke alarms, there are several brandweerzones, towns, and preventieverenigingen their stock. “We are concerned that people will now be forced into substandard equipment.”

The Foundation of the Burns, the non-profit Oscare who are burn patients, it helps, but also a variety of brandweerzones, all of them are impossible to find at large parties, smoke detector. “In the context of the brandpreventiecampagnes residents for a while, at a less expensive price, our high-quality system of alarms to buy. They have given our staff a lot of tips and explanation, which to the action is a huge success,” says President of the Louagie of the fire zone Corner.

Alone, the stock has been, and probably should be in the fire zone at the end of november to wait, “because the manufacturer is the huge volume of orders and can’t do,” says Louagie.

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the Same story for the Foundation for Burns and also to brandwondenvereniging vzw Oscare. “We believe that the two are two major triggers, the prevention campaigns, as well as the requirement that, in Flanders, at the end of the year, any rental dwelling, a smoke detector is required. Seem a lot of people are just now waking up,” says Oscare spokesman Peter van Rossum.

The non profit will receive constant phone calls from brandweerzones and local authorities are looking to find a supplier who still smoke are out of stock. “We know, unfortunately, it is not a secret stock.” The Foundation, Burns has tried as recently as 4,000 additional smoke detectors are to be ordered. “But, presumably, we will get that until the end of the following month to be delivered,” said chief executive officer Jean-Pierre Arnould.

He holds up an “uneasy feeling” about the lack of smoke detectors: “We are advocating for many years already, these life-saving devices. We have people from all over will also be able to help you.”

In department stores, do-it-yourself stores are still there, but the smoke alarms are put on the shelves, even though it is nonetheless beware of the side. “Those who, through local municipalities, fire departments, or brandwondenverenigingen smoke he was sure of the quality of the device,” says brandpreventiespecialist Tim’s Images. “Our fear is that the men and women in their search to devices of a lower quality, would buy it, as a good smoke detector with CE approval is needed, a battery with a life span of ten years, and is a test.”
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