Resistance to bridging pension – SVP threatens with ReferendumDie people’s party, if u wanna take the Referendum against the bridging pension. This will lead only to a further reduction in the wages of the employees.100 Kommentare100Will of bridging pension-nothing party President Albert Rösti (right) know that here together with the group chief Thomas Aeschi.KEYSTONE

“We must not consume unnecessary money for new social works,” said SVP party leader Albert Rösti to the “view”. “In the current period of high unemployment, the bridging pension will invite you to lay-off older workers,” explained hash Browns more.

SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi also stated that older unemployed workers did not want charity, but work. The solution to the Problem was therefore more likely to limit the initiative of the SVP. “So that we can control immigration themselves and create a real national priority,” he said. The bridging pension will lead only to a further reduction in the wages of the employees, warned Aeschi.

“by the template in the Parliament, is to hold a Referendum. A new social work must necessarily in front of people,” he said. SVP party leader Rösti on this project immediately: “I would support a Referendum, of course, because it is a good idea,” he said to the “view” in this regard.


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