Hugue Meloche had a good reason to miss the International Air Show at Le Bourget, this high mass of the industry which took place in Paris last week. The leader of Groupe Meloche was in Cincinnati, at the headquarters of GE Aviation, to complete one of the largest contracts obtained by the Quebec company.

The agreement, which spans about eight years, is estimated at nearly 240 million, according to the president and CEO of the manufacturer of components for the aeronautics industry. It will have a positive impact on the company’s facilities in Bromont, Estrie.

“We have been doing this work for a GE plant in the United States for about eight years, said Mr. Meloche, during a telephone interview with La Presse. However, we did not have a long-term agreement. They have been told for at least five years that we wanted to secure this work for the long term. »

More specifically, Groupe Meloche will supply the raw material in addition to pre-machining the metals needed to manufacture engine turbine blades – the individual part that makes up the turbine section of an aircraft engine.

What convinced GE Aviation to enter into a long-term agreement with the Beauharnois-based company? There are several elements that come into play, according to the principal concerned, who adds that the disruptions within the supply chain since the start of the pandemic have weighed in the balance. Engine manufacturers were particularly affected.

“With us, they don’t have challenges, so we can offer them predictability,” says Meloche. Customers are nervous about the supply chain. We are also very competitive. This process has been known for almost 20 years. We are robotic and hard to beat on cost. »

For Groupe Meloche, which includes major industry players such as Bombardier, Pratt

“Our other engine customers are going to see that, and it’s good for us,” he says.

The past year has been busy for Groupe Meloche. Last December, the company acquired Aérospatiale Hemmingford. It was the second catch in its history and a transaction that allowed its annual turnover to cross the 100 million mark.