(New York) Canadian singer Grimes on Monday said she was in favor of her voice being used to generate songs with the help of artificial intelligence, provided that the creators donate half of the rights to new songs. securities.

The 35-year-old composer, producer and performer explained that this sharing of rights would be equivalent to collaborating “with any artist”, in a message posted on Instagram.

“Feel free to use my voice without restriction,” she insisted. “I have no label or legal obligations” vis-à-vis a third party, record company or distributor, she assured.

The crystal-clear electronic music artist’s post was posted days after an anonymous TikTokeur posted a real fake duet between Canadian singers Drake and The Weeknd, generated using intelligence artificial.

Listened to millions of times, Heart on my Sleeve was removed from TikTok a few days after being posted, at the request of Universal Music, the label of the two singers.

Since the introduction, at the end of November, of the conversational robot ChatGPT, the debate has raged around the data used to generate new content and respect for intellectual property.

Grimes is the former partner of Elon Musk, with whom she had two children, including one by surrogate mother.

The entrepreneur has an ambivalent attitude towards artificial intelligence, which he said could lead to the “destruction of civilization”, but in which he invests heavily.