No, the Madrid press are still not convinced of the quality of Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard. Our national goalkeeper and went in, according to the analyst, do not cleared, the the list is Life”On the first goal, he comes off like a chicken without a head,” said AS-analyst) of Manu, the-Today.

“is A day on which the Belgian goalkeeper is not going to remember what he was thinking about his passage to Real Madrid”, they said. “Had three attempts at it and the two of them were against the nets. On the first goal, he comes off like a chicken without a head, even if we have to add that in Bonaventure (sic) by the good fortune, it was toegelachen. On the second hit, he will back slowly out of this… It is the patience of the stadium and catch a game looks like. To make matters worse, he had to join the rest to be replaced due to dizziness and nausea. A day to quickly forget for Courtois.”
Like a chicken without a head, and so on… (Photo: rr

for a more detailed article, the author is once again back on the performance of Courtois. As he points out, among others, in the comments coming from the stands every time the Belgian rider of the team came in. “It would seem that the patience of the stadium and catch a game on,” was the little woman commented, added to the “each and every ball, it was a torture for the Belgian people”.

all The way from the Switch:

Also Eden Hazard has not been spared. “A moderate match to the swede,” was his verdict. “It Was usually a little dangerous, and it could hardly have anxiety concerns. In the second half, and went on he had more to play, and he was more on the people who work with some of the shots. However, he still has a long way to go to make the Switch to Madrid was expecting to see when he did, the Hazard that Chelsea are to make a profit, in the final of the champions League.”

More about Thibaut Courtois of Club Brugge runs aground on a sense of incredible stunts, but it’s the same in the field of Real-Madrid Real-Madrid-goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois for the rest substitute against Club Brugge, Thibaut Courtois interview with Real Madrid will not be easy, nevertheless it didn ‘ to Club Brugge and it is certainly not a piece of cake” to A doubtful Hazard, to a self-confident Courtois, and provide an opportunity for Club Brugge, it was the guy from the Madrid derby.