Since the birth of the Audi R8 in 2007, the Lamborghini Gallardo and later Huracán have always used a common platform with it to reduce their development costs. This state of affairs is set to change as the Italian brand enjoys excellent financial health.

In an interview with the specialized website The Drive, the director of the Asia-Pacific region of Lamborghini, Francesco Scardaoni, confirmed that the successor to the Huracán will have its own chassis developed in-house. “It’s more difficult, it requires greater investment […] concedes Scardaoni, but the company sets records, quarter after quarter, year after year, in terms of financial results, which allows us to invest considerable sums. The popularity of the Urus SUV, which sold 5,367 units worldwide last year, partly explains the strength of the luxury carmaker, which sold a total of 9,233 vehicles in 2022.

While the R8 will end its production this year, this statement suggests that its successor could logically be offered only with an electric motor, as some media have already argued. The model that will replace the Huracán in 2024 should for its part abandon its charismatic V10 for a V8 biturbo hybrid, according to other persistent rumors. One thing is certain, the identity of these two supercars will change forever to better adapt to the new situation.