This Korean thriller gives a terrifying twist to classic childhood games, all while chasing a $38 million cash prize. Goodbye Bridgerton. We’ll see you again “The Crown.” Netflix’s new top-show, “Squid Game”, is now available in English. The nine-episode Korean thriller has risen to the top spot on Netflix’s streaming platform since its Sept. 17 release. Netflix’s current number one show is “The Killing Floor.” It’s everywhere. It’s called “Squid Game,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos stated on stage this week at CodeCon. It’s been nine days since it was released, so there’s a good chance that it will be our biggest ever show. Flix Patrol is a website that tracks streaming statistics of top platforms around the world. “Squid Game,” the number one show, is in 82 out of 83 countries. It’s second in Denmark. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are our thoughts.

What is a Squid Game?

“Squid Game,” is basically a mix-up of “Hunger Games”, and “Kill Bill.” When we were children, losing meant death. Take that idea and make it a reality for adults. Netflix’s description reads: “Hundreds of cash-strapped children accept an invitation to play in children’s games.” “Inside, there is a tempting prize — with deadly high stakes.” 456 people are invited to compete in a survival contest to win $38.5 million USD. Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo are among the show’s stars. This two-minute trailer gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect from the show. It includes the deadly twists that were given to certain childhood games and the tension between contestants who are determined to win the prize money to end their financial woes.

What do you need to know about “Squid Game?” before watching it?

1. ‘Squid Game’ is quite gory

“Squid Game,” however, is not for people with weak stomachs. This trailer shows only a fraction of the violence and gore that will occur throughout the series while the competition is ongoing. However, this trailer is nothing compared with what happens in the series. If you are not comfortable with the sight of blood, then we recommend staying away.

In September 2019, Netflix announced its plans in a newsrelease. It stated that Hwang Donghyuk, the director, would create a new Korean original series. The game will take place in an unknown locale and the participants will be locked up until the winner is determined. Each challenge’s concept is inspired by popular childhood games from the 1970s to 1980s. The title challenge is one of those games. It is literally a translation of its Korean name and describes “a type of tag in which offense and defense use an ink-squid-shaped board.”

2. The director was curious about how he would feel participating in similar games and inspired this idea.

Although some viewers may draw comparisons to films such as “Hunger Games,” “Battle Royale,” or “As the Gods Will,” Hwang explained that the series was originally conceived in 2008 and made into a movie. He said, “I freely confess that I have been inspired by Japanese comics and animation throughout the years.” He said that he was financially strapped at the time he started and that he had spent a lot of time reading comics, including “Battle Royale” and “Liar Game”. I began to wonder how I would feel if I participated in the games. Hwang stated that the games were too complicated for me and that my work instead focused on children’s games.

3. If you do dare watch… it’s quite addictive

We couldn’t stop watching the series after we started it. You’ll binge watch the series whenever you have no other obligations.

4. Is there a second season for ‘Squid Game?

The series has no plans to return for a second season. Hwang stated that he would consider making more feature films before creating another season. He explained that he doesn’t have any plans for “Squid Game 2”. It is very exhausting to think about it. It would be difficult for me to do it on my own. I would consider a writers’ area and would need multiple experienced directors.