They are crazy (for her) these Gauls! For several weeks, TF1 has been broadcasting a film from the Asterix and Obelix saga every Monday, taken from the famous comic strip by Albert Uderzo (disappeared in 2020) and René Goscinny. After their mission for Cleopatra (2002) and their epic at the Olympic Games (2008), the famous duo tackles Julius Caesar in the film directed by Claude Zidi in 1999.

Among the cast of the cult comedy, we found for the first time Christian Clavier in the skin of Asterix while Gérard Depardieu lent his features to his comrade Obélix. But, another star also shone on screen: Laetitia Casta as Falbala. A sublime heroine who never ceases to make the heart of Dogmatix’s faithful master beat faster in this adventure.

Flagship model of this decade, Laetitia Casta landed her first film role thanks to casting director Gérard Moulévrier, according to La Curiosité est un villain defect on RTL in 2014. An unprecedented experience in cinema for the young and discreet woman who gave the reply to the whimsical Gérard Depardieu. In the magazine So Film, the director Jean-Christophe revealed the details of his meeting with this monster of the seventh art.

“It was her first film. She was very nice, very cute”, he explains in the magazine, according to comments relayed by Current Woman. And, to reveal a surreal anecdote. “At one point, she comes to see us, she says to us:” Damn, I’m scared, there’s Gérard who came into my dressing room in his underpants, he farted, and he left! She was terrified ” .

24 years later, another icon took over the role of Falbala in the cinema: the Belgian singer Angèle lent her features to the famous heroine in Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire, directed by Guillaume Canet. Guest on the show Taratata

After having lent his voice to Gabby Gabby in the fourth installment of Toy Story, the award-winning star at the Victoires de la musique 2023 pushed the song on the set. “It was great because it felt like I was shooting a music video. You had to sing, so I felt like I was in my element. For a first film shoot, it was very close to the house”, admits the young artist.

Between differences and similarities, interpretation and physical evolution… Which of the two Falbalas do you prefer? Back in pictures on the metamorphosis of the heroine between the two stars in the slideshow.