the King, He has still not been returned, a visit was made to the Modular Offshore Grid is the first “outlet” in the North sea Elia’s. The construction of the platform, launched this spring. The platform is about 40 kilometres from the Belgian coast, and by the end of 2020, electricity produced by four wind farms together and to the land.

The king had been received in Zeebrugge, belgium. There, he was given an explanation of the operation of the outlet. Then went to the king and to the ac outlet, itself at sea with a helicopter.

as of The completion of the CLEANING, it is a unique event in the North sea. This is the first outlet in the North sea. Of the 130 miles of wires from ONE are connected to the high-voltage substation of Elia in the Season. From there, you can have the power to 1.2 million households.

The total investment required for the platform and it was initially equipped with approximately 400 million euros. The actual cost will be much lower. King Philip was very impressed with the project. “I’m very curious to see more to learn more about this project. It is very important for our country,” said the king.

the CEO of Elia, Chris Smith is very proud of this project. “We have been a leader in Europe and continues to grow. There are so many additional outlets to the sea,” says Smith. For 2030, the will of Elijah is still an additional 1.7 gigawatts to the land.

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