The DALS family is growing. After a year of absence, Dance with the Stars is about to make its comeback this Friday, September 9 on TF1. Orchestrated by the irreplaceable Camille Combal, the show welcomes this year 12 new personalities ready to ignite the track of studio 217.

Facing the new jury composed of Marie-Agnès Gillot, François Alu, Bilal Hassani (who will celebrate his 23rd birthday that same day) and Chris Marques, the candidates will be accompanied by professional dancers. Among the historical faces of the program, the public will also discover three new recruits who have joined the troop. Two of them were chosen thanks to the contest Who will dance with the stars?, broadcast online on MYTF1.

They are Pierre Mauduy and Calisson Goasdoué. If the first was elected big winner of the competition, the second was the favorite of the jury (composed of Chris Marques, Inès Vandamme and Julien Chapero). With her undeniable qualities that make her a professional dancer up to the demands of adventure, the 24-year-old woman has been able to pass on her art with passion and kindness. An opportunity for the choreographer who will do well to lead her partner as far as possible in the adventure.

Especially since the competition does not scare this sports coach who graduated with a Master 1 in Sciences of the Education of Motricity, we learn on his LinkedIn page. Professor and specialist in sports and Latin dance, Calisson Goasdoué has already proven herself on the floors and on the podiums during beauty contests. In 2020, the young Ile-de-France was elected third runner-up to Miss Ile-de-France and also won the Miss Sympathy prize.

Passionate about animals, music, sport, or even cooking and manual activities, she shares her daily life on social networks. Thanks to Dancing with the stars, Calisson Goasdoué will be one of the revelations to follow on the show. Will she dance alongside Billy Crawford, David Douillet or Florent Peyre? Will she waltz Stéphane Legar, Théo Fernandez or Thomas Da Costa? Answer this Friday on TF1!