the Pull-down Segafredo has a tough battle at home, in the wielertransfermarkt. The team of, among others, Jasper Stuyven was Thursday night announced that both Quinn and Simmons (18) and, as Antonio Tiberi (18) of the lens. Both of them have been this week, the world champion among the juniors: a Simmons, on the way, Tiberi in the final time trial. Simmons will also have to move to canada.

To go out first, spoke for the team to Luxembourg businessman, Flavio Becca. Robert Simmons was on Wednesday an impressive world-champion-with a solo of more than thirty miles. The man, a Remcootje’, it saves the beloftencategorie all about, and it is already in the 2022, it is completely a pro at the Pull-Segafredo. “I am very excited to make the step up to the WorldTour and to set up”, says a press release from the team.

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“Their level of expertise in the development of young riders, and have a successful history in the classics-will ensure that this is the best place for me to develop my skills to continue to do so. I just hope that the next year or two, get closer to my dream to come to Paris-Roubaix win. Simmons signs on for two years with the team, and will go to Belgium, moving to where he might get a chance in the Flemish races.

by Far, the best in the road race. With a beard. (Photo: Photo News


Also, Tiberi drawing in the Pull-down Segafredo, but it will not be until 2021 to turn pro. In the age of thirteen, the road race and the world champion of the time trial has the potential to be the rondewerk. It may be a year mature, with the Italian continental team Colpack before moving on to the profteam to step up.

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“It’s a dream, you hear the sound of the music. “It’s one of the best teams in the world with talents such as Robert Simmons. My dream? Great round to win, as Vincenzo Nibali.”

The best in the category. (Photo: Photo News

by Coincidence: on the same Temperatures has to be one of the assets for the Pull-Segafredo by the year 2020. Also, Kenny Elissonde (28) , Alexander Kamp (25), Emils Liepins (26), Michel Ries (21), Antonio Nibali (27), Charlie Quarterman (21), and Juan Pedro Lopez’s (22) drew with the team for the next season.

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