No white smoke coming from the chimney of a Ham and I, At this moment, there is only one agreement,


There is still no white smoke from the chimney of the martyrs ‘ square. The position of the N-VA, CD&V and Open-VLD, in the night from Thursday to Friday, without the written consent of each other is gone. Friday afternoon to resume the talks and to take the toponderhandelaars a new landingspoging.

At the start of the negotiations Thursday morning at 9 o’clock, there was still the hope and the ambition to go through to cross the finish line. But pretty soon, I went into the signals that the conversations are a bit stiffer and more difficult to expire than I expected. Although a different position, to emphasize that there are hard-and in a good and constructive atmosphere,” it is work, but in the course of Thursday night clear, that the landing would be delayed.

the Different nodes are all decided, but the debate, such as increased integration, and the klimaatambities were believed to have been a lot more difficult. Besides, nothing is completely certain. So it might be the CD&V, for example, the retention of the provinces have brought in, but as a diplomat to warn at once: “There is only one agreement, if there is an agreement about anything. At this time, there is only one chord.”

Hot issue of the budget.

One of the most important and the most difficult of the knots will remain in the budget. How much money can go toward new investments, and plan, and when should the balance be? Set in the government’s view that a balanced budget forward to 2024, or if one wants to be faster out of the red? And if so, in addition to the Oosterweelverbinding to other big investments outside of the budget target be held?

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Friday afternoon, and pick up the position of the wire, and a new attempt will be made to the country. “There are already a lot of content nodes taken. Friday will continue with the budget work”, it is in the setting of a formateur Ham to hear from you.

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