Dozens of Republican politicians have tried to on Wednesday held a hearing behind closed doors, to invade Washington, D. C. on that occasion, went to Laura Cooper, of the Pentagon, in a statement before the impeachment trial, which at Home runs. According to the witnesses, the members of the House of Representatives, rising to the Capitol from the inside, and they pushed the staff out of the way. The police had to intervene to make peace, to restore it.

as for The politicians, who on Wednesday at the u.s. Capitol in Washington, D. C., marched in support of their president. They are of the opinion that the Democratic party is the outcome of the Us presidential election was undone by Home to. “We want to know what happens next,” said Matt Gaetz, representative of Florida in the House of Representatives.

now, The Republicans were buoyed by a statement from Trump, who this week said that his party’s “cool” to be. “The Democrats are cheating, and they have to play under a cap,” according to the president’s call to “fight”. He added, via Twitter, that ‘ it will never stop. Those Democrats are terrible”.

for Pizza, and smartphones

The mostly male Republicans are doing their best to bring the hearing to sink in, armed with a pizza, and cell phones. Cell phones and other electronic devices zijnverboden to the place where they wanted to penetrate because of security concerns. During the meeting, would be Disgusted to witness the the decision to to the the promised of 391 million us dollars for security purposes, however, is not to the Ukraine, to give up.

According to the Democrats, it was a plea to the Ukrainian president, and to force an investigation, Joe and Hunter Biden to the opening. It is also said that the crucial testimony of Cooper, this could lead to an official procedure to get Home to let me in.

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According to a Republican staff member, the police are eventually called to the rest of the united states Capitol, to restore it. The testimony of Cooper, the incident is postponed.

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