The car is much more than a means of transportation, many use it as a kind of mobile conference room. For this to work, the Smartphone is well-established. Drivers otherwise, stiff penalties: Up to 200 Euro, two points and a driving threatening-namely, prohibition. The Federal Ministry of transport estimates that one in eight happens to the tenth accident involving a car, because the tax is on the phone.

Various Car manufacturers solve the Problem by “offering Apple CarPlay or Android Auto” as the equipment: Via the USB interface, the Display of the vehicle to access the Smartphone. The Software, as well as the charging cradle and the phone mount but cost several hundred euros Cheaper it can be, the Smartphone-on-the-go via self-assembled mount.

Many providers compete with different concepts: The devices can be attached to the windshield, on the dashboard, not in the CD or ventilation slot. However, not every bracket is available to everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to, the your own car before just to look at: the dashboard Is flat or curved? How steep the windshield is? How stable are the ventilation slots are and where they are? Also, robustness is one: “cell phone mounts should not be tested in the Crash, so that you are in an accident, a dangerous missile”, recommended by the ADAC and refers to the test seal of the automobile club.

Holds the Smartphone?

In the F. A. S. Test must prove themselves in eight mounts in a Toyota Yaris and a Ford Focus. The Fix is in most of the variants relatively easily. Negative in the models for ventilation slots of Avolare and Mpow Magnet to fall. Depending on where the ventilation fins are located and in what direction they point, is not inclined to the mobile phone to the driver. A fundamental Problem is that after a successful installation, a part of the air flow is blocked. The next question is: when Holding the Smartphone? Well, the models cut in the Test, the magnets use. A trouble-free installation and Removal of the devices is possible. However, it is necessary to stick the second magnetic pole the size of a Two-Euro coin to the Smartphone. This leaves, unfortunately, residues of adhesive when it is removed. This technique is about Pumpkin, Logitech and Mpow put Magnet.

Alternative solutions, the mobile phone beds – they enclose it from three sides. In the Test, this technique is in the ventilation variant of Avolare, as well as the product for the CD slot from Mpow. The seat is safe, however, to press the brackets to the side-mounted buttons on the phone and switch it on. In the case of padding, the following applies: More is better. And the more the lateral jaws can open, the more likely that larger Smartphones will fit.

In the view, test the windshield cut mounts are bad, narrow the field of view. The two tested variants mainly differ in size: While the support from Logitech is minimalist, is the mount, Wicked Chili very much greater. For this, she wraps the phone from three sides, the Logitech mount, on the other hand keeps a Magnet on the phone. In Switzerland, the attachment of which is prohibited on the windshield. Less safety-critical, but practical problems, the other holding ready. So the brackets for the CD slot and the ventilation slats part right in front of the buttons for the music and the air conditioning.