The Gent ondernemingsrechtbank three companies of Thomas Cook has been declared bankrupt. It’s going to be, Thomas Cook’s, Belgium (staff of 70), Thomas Cook Retail (5 employees) as well as Thomas Cook’s Financial Services, where there are no employees covered by it.

the tour Operator, Thomas Cook Belgium, aiming for a go-around Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, for the major part of the company’s business. For the company the protection to be applied for from creditors through the WCO process (law on continuity of undertakings, eds.). The company with 501 employees, and responsible for the Neckermann offices, as well as Thomas Cook offices. The WCO application for the Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, by the end of this week or beginning of next week, as expected.

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find out More about Thomas Cook, Brussels Airlines was forced to lay off more than 100 flights and not only for Thomas Cook customers have been the victims Guarantee fund, establishes the Friday, ten races returning, passengers Cloth is the Thursday final for the employees ‘ estate in the parts of Thomas Cook and Wim was standing at the base of the profitable, Thomas Cook Belgium, “the Flemish people are learning to travel, and now it is all in ruins”